What is SCACon?

South Campus Anime Convention, colloquially known as “SCACon”, was started by the 2015–2016 officers of Tarrant County College’s South Anime Club with the help of now-former advisor Amanda Sims. It continues to this day, soon to be in its third iteration, as a relatively small, free convention, with quality student-led programming.

SCACon started out as a hair-brained idea incubated by the Office of Student Activities. However, it was the ambitious officers of the Anime Club that breathed life into the idea and made it what it is. In its first year, SCACon featured modest programming including a small cosplay contest, tabletop and video game tournaments, and panels such as “Getting Your Friends Into Anime” and “Tenchi Muyo Madness.”  Despite these modest offerings attendance was nothing but, with nearly 300 in attendance.

Continuing to expand in 2017, the officers of the Anime Club began reaching out to include other clubs on campus such as the Gaming Club, the Korean Interests Association, Spectrum (GSA), the Film Club and the National Society of Leadership and Success. In addition, the Computer Science Department became involved with SCACon, further solidifying its place as a fixture on campus. SCACon 2 featured much of the same programming that made the first SCACon an interesting and enriching experience while gaining many new partners such as Funimation, Vitamin H, Los Bastardos and the Dallas Society of Play. Lots of new events quickly filled the convention’s schedule. Most notably, the Dallas Society of Play, whose panels and game demos provided the Game and Simulation Programming students on campus with opportunities to gain insight and network with other professionals.  With the cooperation of all these amazing new partners, volunteers and vendors the second annual South Campus Anime Convention garnered attendance just shy of 500.

Now SCACon 3 is in the planning stages and we can’t wait to share it with you!